For Portable Toilets

MF Portables is happy to announce a partnership with Johnny’s Choice.

The Johnny’s Choice brand of products has gained world-wide respect and is specifically developed for the portable sanitation industry, to deliver effective odour control. Their Sensory Grand deodorizer discs are the biggest available which means they last a lot longer than any other disc. The Toss-In sachets are easy to use and have a strong smelling fragrance that keeps on working.

We at MF Portables are looking forward to a long lasting relationship with Johnny’s Choice and to continue expanding our range of products to accommodate the Australian market.

Sensory Grand Disk

Sensory Grand Disk

Sensory Grand Disc is a unique thick, large oil based, air freshener disc for an extra long-lasting fragrance boost (lasts up to 30 days). The Grand Disc's large size is unique in the industry for added effectiveness. Available in a variety of appealing fragrances. Not only suitable for Portable toilets, you can place them just about anywhere.


Johnny's Choice Toss-Ins

Toss-In Chemical is a pre-measured packet of concentrated deodorizer powder in a water soluble pouch. They dissolve quickly and completely to provide effective all-season odour control. Toss-Ins have a non-staining, deep royal blue colour to hide waste and a strong deodorising fragrance. Packaged in re-sealable, water resistant bags.

Biosorb Toss-Ins Dry Deoderizer

Johnny's Choice Bisorb Toss-Ins

Biosorb Toss-Ins are dry deodorizer in water soluble portion packs that use bacteria and enzymes for odor control.

Biosorb Toss-Ins are biodegradable and the deep blue color is completely non-staining and with a strong deodorising fragrance.

12 Month Chemical Pack

12 Month Chemical Pack

The 12 Month Chemical Pack designed for Single Toilet Users. Pack includes Bag of Toss-In toilet chemical (50 sachets) & 12 Sensory Grand Deodoriser discs.

Hand Cleaning Range

Hand Cleaning Range

Hand Cleaning Dispensers are ideal for use with portable toilets and handwash units and is easy to install.
Available for use with non-alcohol based soap. Meets health & safety requirements.

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