Executive Toilet

Portable Toilet System

Lightweight, durable and affordable make the Executive toilet an ideal addition to your portable toilet fleet.

Key Features

  • Freshwater Flushing
  • Hinged Bowl Assembly with Stainless Steel Flap
  • Easy to Clean Spacious Interior
  • Large Waste Holding Capacity 390 litre
  • Large Freshwater Capacity 110 litre
  • Sewer Connect, Foot Pump and Rear Evacuation Point options
  • New Modern Look
  • UV Resistant Walls
  • Heavy Duty Steel Skid Base
  • Built by Australians for Australian Conditions



The Executive has been designed with the customer in mind - a lighter more modern new style cabinet coupled with the traditional must have features such as large 390 litre waste tank. It gives the customer the choice to option up the base model with features such as lifting systems, evacuation valves and even trailers. Even though the Executive is a budget model toilet, we have not compromised on quality.

The Executive meets all the EPA and Work Cover regulations throughout Australia including waste holding and lifting capabilities.



  • Top Lifting System
  • Sewer Connection
  • Foot Pump Operation
  • Rear Evacuation Point
  • Trailer Mounted
  • LED Solar Sensor Light


  • Waste tank: Capacity 390 Litres or 650 uses
  • Freshwater tank: 110 Litres
  • Skid base: Galvanised Steel
  • Dimensions:
    • Height 2295mm
    • Width 1115mm
    • Depth 1175mm
  • Door opening: 600mm
  • Weight 127kg
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