EVAC 800

Portable Vacuum Tank Unit

Light, compact, portable smaller capacity vacuum unit that is priced for anyone to afford not just for companies working in the liquid waste industry.

Key Features

  • Honda driven 70 CFM vacuum pump
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Integrated water & waste tank


The EVAC 800 (eight hundred) is available in a 5.5 HP Honda petrol powered 70 CFM vacuum pump package. The shut off system consists of two inline shut off devices with rubber balls. The primary shut off is located on top of the tank, this being the first line of defense against product contamination, the secondary shut off is located on the front face of the tank, this shuts off if product bypasses the primary when it is not functioning correctly. Fitted on the back port of the primary shut off is a vacuum relief valve set at negative 65 kPa and a pressure relief valve. On the top port of primary shut off is a vacuum gauge.

Each unit comes with a 12 V electric water pump, connected to the 300L water tank to provide clean water for washing out purposes or filling portable toilet tanks. On the rear of the unit is a hook fitted with 15m of garden hose, with a nozzle that can be turned on or off.

Ten meters of two-inch suction hose is supplied and loops around the rear of the unit with a three-inch inlet port to the tank, fitted with a tee to allow the other side to be used as a blockage removal port. The tank can be emptied via a three-inch ball valve at the rear lowest point of the tank.

The unit can be washed out via an access point on the side of the tank, this access is 250mm in diameter with a quick opening lid consisting of two wingnut and eyebolts.

There is an adequate amount of tie down points for the units to be fitted securely to either a flat bed or a dual axle trailer. The unit can be moved easily using a forklift.


  • Tank Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Waste/Water Tank Sizes: 800L/300L
  • Vacuum System: Vane
  • Self Contained: Yes
  • Pump: Petrol Driven, 70 cfm
  • Tank Mount: Skid
  • Water Tanks: Yes
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